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Protect Your Home from Wild Weather: Essential Tips for Australian Homeowners

By Emma Ruhle


Wild weather in Australia can pose significant threats to homes, from heavy rain and storms to floods and bushfires. Despite the typical El Nino weather pattern associated with warmer and drier conditions, regions like the Sunshine Coast, QLD, have experienced unprecedented rainfall and extreme weather. Here are essential tips to safeguard your home and prepare for unpredictable weather conditions.

  1. Storm Preparation:

– Clear gutters and downpipes to prevent water damage during heavy rains.

– Ensure the roof is in good condition with no loose tiles or damaged areas.

– Secure outdoor items or bring them indoors to prevent damage from strong winds.

– Stay informed about approaching storms and secure doors and windows as needed.

  1. Flood Prevention:

– Raise power outlets above previous flood levels to prevent water damage.

– Store poisons and chemicals in high areas to avoid contamination during floods.

– Keep sandbags handy for covering indoor drains and stopping sewage backwash.

  1. Bushfire Readiness:

– Keep your lawn short and remove flammable materials from your backyard.

– Consider installing ember guards on your roof and screens for your windows.

– Have an emergency kit prepared with essentials like water, food, and a first aid kit.

  1. Assessing and Addressing Damage:

– After wild weather subsides, assess damage around your home promptly.

– Take photos of impacted areas and gather supporting documents for insurance claims.

– Lodge a claim with your insurance provider online or via their mobile app as soon as possible.


By understanding the risks associated with wild weather and taking proactive measures, Australian homeowners can better protect their properties from potential damage. Whether it’s storms, floods, or bushfires, being prepared and having a plan in place can make all the difference in ensuring your home’s safety and resilience. For more detailed information and resources on protecting your home from wild weather, check out this information from Suncorp here:

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