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How to Safely Trick or Treat this Halloween

By Emma Ruhle

While Halloween may not be as deeply entrenched in Australian culture as in other countries, it’s a holiday that some people have wholeheartedly embraced. Despite its relatively recent introduction, Halloween has become a fun and spirited event in many Australian communities. Families and children alike don costumes, carve pumpkins, and yes, partake in the classic tradition of trick-or-treating. But, with the unfamiliarity of the holiday, it’s important to ensure it’s celebrated safely. At Ray White Pelican Waters, we’ve got you covered with some tips for a fun and secure Halloween.

1. Costume Creativity

Encourage your children to get creative with their costumes. Homemade costumes are not only unique but also safer, as they’re less likely to have loose or flammable parts. Consider using reflective tape to make them more visible in the dark.

2. Safety in Numbers

Trick-or-treating is more fun with friends or family. Always go in groups, and make sure your little ones are accompanied by a trusted adult. Stay together, and use the buddy system to ensure everyone is accounted for.

3. Choose Well-Lit Areas

Plan your route in advance, and choose neighbourhoods with good lighting. Avoid dark or unfamiliar areas, and stay on well-lit streets. Map out your path to minimise street crossings.

4. Follow Road Rules

When crossing streets, always use zebra crossings an obey traffic lights. Ensure your kids know the importance of looking both ways before crossing. Use flashlights or reflective accessories to increase visibility.

5. Check Treats Thoroughly

Before indulging in Halloween treats, inspect them carefully. Look for any signs of tampering and throw away anything that seems suspicious. Opt for packaged treats over homemade ones when in doubt.

6. Costume Comfort

Choose costumes that fit well and are comfortable for your child to move in. Uncomfortable or oversized costumes can lead to trips and falls. Ensure that masks don’t obstruct vision.

7. Allergen Awareness

Be mindful of allergies, both in your own family and when distributing treats. Consider offering non-food items, such as stickers or small toys, to accommodate children with food allergies.

8. Hydration and Nutrition

Before embarking on your Halloween adventure, ensure your child has a well-balanced meal. Provide bottled water to stay hydrated. This can help prevent excessive snacking on candy.

9. Plan Ahead

Know the exact route your kids will take, and establish a set curfew for their return. Make it clear where this spot it and what your child should do if thy can’t find you.

10. Create a Safe Home Base

Designate a safe meeting place in your neighbourhood in case anyone gets separated. Make it clear where this spot is and what your child should do if they can’t find you.

Halloween can be a thrilling time for children and adults alike. By taking a few precautions, you can ensure that it’s both fun and safe for your family. From creative costumes to well-planned routes, these tips will help you enjoy Halloween to the fullest while keeping safety a top priority.

Enjoy a Spooktacular and safe Halloween from all of us at Ray White Pelican Waters!

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